The phrase "Think More Than Pink" was started out of jealousy; plain and simple. When people would find out the founder was a cancer survivor it automatically went to breast cancer conversations. There are pink ribbons on everything: food, jewelry, banners and signs. She would wonder how to get across she was a peach (uterine) not pink. Time passed and  she joined the American Cancer Society's (ACS) Relay for Life and during fundraising for her team, she met some great people who dealt with grey (Brain), blue (colon), pink (breast) and pearl (lung).  

 Then a dear friend was diagnosed with black (skin). While talking to him she learned how he was not able to get simple things to make his fight easier. When he passed it was especially hard on her because he was one of the people who took care of her while she was getting treatment; she felt there wasn't anything she could do to help him. At the same time she was dealing with this, her sister was diagnosed as a pink (breast) and again, she heard stories of how she needed clothing but didn't have the money. In between losing weight, steroids causing swelling and all the other side effects, her sister did not have clothes that fit her. Without proper clothes, she didn't want to go out in public, she didn't want to go get her chemo, all because of needing clothes that fit. This was topped with one of her best friends getting diagnosed with teal (ovarian) and how her insurance wouldn't help with all the medications she needed. 

At that point, the founder got together with others and discussed what they could do and so took the Relay for Life team slogan "Think More Than Pink" and opened an internet store to raise funds for ACS, then switched it to donations to "Think More Than Pink" in July and in August 2012 "Think More Than Pink" went to the public to help people. 

In most cases, we hope to get at least one item that will help those with cancer and will be utilizing Amazon's free wishlist to show items needed.  This helps to make ordering easiest and is exactly what the patient needs. For cash donations, we are using Paypal because it has an option so each button can be individualized to the person the donor wants to donate  to and there is no confusion of who gets what funds that are donated. 100% of all cash donations will go to the story selected by the donor. We also have our "store" for those who want to help but want something for their money. Those who use the store are deeply appreciated because they help to spread the word about the different colors (cancers) when they buy and use our items. The money from the store is used for any overhead costs, the surplus will be used for any emergency relief needed for patients. We are an all volunteer organization, so zero dollars go to paying people to help people. 

 Thank you for coming to our page. If you are unable to donate-share us with others who may be able to help. Pinks need attention but so does all the other colors too.