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Presently, our main goal is to raise awareness of all cancers. Although breast cancer awareness and screening is important, there are many other cancers that are ignored even though they are just as deadly. 
Along with spreading awareness, we are working on being able to provide decent clothing items and other comfort items to cancer patients for the South-Eastern, Michigan area. We hope to expand to other area and offer other services shortly. There are enough organizations handling the research for a cure, in the mean time-lets make cancer patients more comfortable.

How you can help:

Please review our individual stories and consider helping out one of the people that need help right now: Help Now

Please consider donating gently used pajamas, sweat pants, tshirts and robes to be given to cancer patients.
We are also collecting books and DVDs for the patients to borrow while they are convalescing. The road to recovery should not be covered with potholes of being bored and uncomfortable.

For more information please email us: info@thinkmorethanpink.org

To have donations picked up: donations@thinkmorethanpink.org

Of course, you can help raise awareness with one of our items available at www.cafepress.com/thinkmorethanpink





Please be patient as we build our site. We plan to also include additional people that need help on our "Help now page" and a page that will have links to various organizations that also help or give information to cancer patient. We also would like to do a memorial page. If you have some one who you would like included, please email information to teri@thinkmorethanpink.org 

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