Although our main goal is to raise awareness of all the different cancers, we are also helping people. Thinking more than pink may not find a cure, let the others do that. We do plan to make life easier for those who do have cancer. Please read further and see if you can help!! The links and buttons below each story are designed so that particular person you want to help to gets the 100% of the donation. 

(Yes, we do that too.)

Melisa's story.  
im a 36 yr old mother of three wonderful children, River 16, Sunshine 14, and Stone 6. I have been battling Breast cancer for almost two tears and back in october after only 4 months remission we discovered that the cancer had spread to my brain. unfortunately although they removed the tumor from my brain it was already to far along to cure it. I now have cancer on my optic nerve which caused me to go blind in one eye and the cancer has spread to the lining of the brain and spinal fluid which has caused the cancer to spread everywhere. The doctors are giving me only a few months and so i want to be able to give my children one last great memory of us together as a family doing something forget for a minute everything!! If you can help in any way we as a family would be eternally grateful!!! Thank you all for your kindness and prayers! 


Purple is the color for "Cancer Awareness" across the board and is frequently used by survivors at fundraising events. Here at "Think More Than Pink" we are trying to raise awareness for all cancers. In doing so there are some overhead costs. The money we make through our store is to offset these costs along with build up a fund for emergency needs that may come up when there is no time to collect items or dollars needed. Please consider making a purchase to help us continue with our project. 
The items purchased are also customized to raise cancer awareness. 
Thank you!!


Kim's story. 

We recently lost Kim to Ovarian cancer-the silent killer of women. Her battle had exceeded multiple years and almost ruined her wedding to her true love she calls "the other". Although they had insurance, insurance does not cover all the anti nausea medications she needed each month.  

Project O, at this time, is to help out her family and others like her. It is actually her sisters that have formed this organization. Eventually they hope to grow into a larger organization to raise Ovarian Cancer Awareness, right now they have done multiple fundraisers and garage sales to help their sister get the medications and other medical costs she incurred and her husband will be paying for a long time to come without help.

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