Think Blue! is a success.  "KC" needed adult diapers so she could continue her exercise without concern of how many diapers she soiled and couldn't afford. Think More Than Pink, with help from all those that have given, managed to collect 13 bags that  contained 18 each. When "KC"  seen the packages all she could say was "that is a lot of diapers." She thought when we told her  13, we meant only 13 diapers not 234. She asked us to convey her thank yous to all and expressed how much she appreciated it and that this type of generosity has overwhelmed her. She did tell us that at her last CT scan, they discovered a very, very tiny tumor in one of her kidneys and that the doctors plan on monitoring before deciding  the best course of action.  When asked what more we could do for her,  she just said after all the packages, just prayers. We will keep you all updated of her progress.